From a singer at nine to a playwright at nineteen to a performance artist at twenty-nine it's interesting now getting back to performing in a 'later age' on many levels.


At 22 I directed a significant Aids play by John Roman Baker for the Brighton Fringe Festival in England which received a nice review in International Plays. Ten years later I was with a creative group in Los Angeles working under the guidance of historic performance artist Rachel Rosenthal. Before that my solo performance Original Blessing, developed in an art residency in hometown San Francisco, took me to the New York fringe festival. And before that I was an actor in Chicago where I worked extensively with Tim Fiori and the avant-garde Blue Rider theatre. I helped found a dance performance company (Same Planet Different World) which is still active twenty years later. Commercially I've done spots for ReWe, Postbank, Miller Beer and Toom Baumarkt. I've had reviews in the LA Times, LA Weekly, Windy City Times, Chicago New City, Tribune and Sun-Times and the sadly gone NY Village Voice. 


Recently in Berlin next to Nothing Man I've been in three German band music videos - Rammstein (Radio, plus the Making Of, Fritz Kalkbrenner (Good Things), and the rap band K.I.Z


Who knows what the performing muse holds for me next . . .